Getting the Raptors back on the winning track

For the last two days I have had a lot on my mind where the Raptors are concerned, with a 1 and 4 record after 5 games it is more than enough to have me concerned as any true fan should be and maybe I am over reacting but it is what it is we are losing games.

The question I have been asking myself after the last 2 losses is what is it going to take to get the Raptors back to winning games? For those of you who keep saying oh its just 5 games into the season are the same people who keep on making excuses for a team that has been underperforming for years, when is enough going to be enough, when are we going to start grading these guys based on results?

Now that I got that off my chest let us get back to the reason I am writing this post, so do we ask for more effort from our players, do we start questioning Dwayne Casey and his coaching team again, what about the GM Bryan Colangelo do we blame him for not getting a legit star playing on the team.

As far as I see it all these are legitimate concerns and we look at the team and the 1-4 record so far and to be honest I cannot really blame the coaching who has to work with the players that they have or the players who has been playing hard so far this season.

So this is the fix I came up with fire Bryan Colangelo!! He has had more than enough time to make this team better, this guy has done nothing but made bad decisions since landing in Toronto lets not forget Hedo Turkoglu and each year it is the same thing signing average players to deals. It is time for some new blood at the GM position.

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